Memory foam is a substance now widespread in mattresses on the market, so that about 2/3 of the mattresses currently in circulation are memory mattresses. However, this does not mean that all memory mattresses are made with the same type of memory foam; indeed there are different types of memory foam.

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The open cellular structure:

The memory foam (of which we have already spoken in a previous article) is a thermosensitive and viscoelastic polyurethane foam, that is a soft material, able to adapt its shape if stressed by pressure and heat, resuming it once the stress is finished.

For this reason, when we lie down on a memory mattress it will be modeled on the basis of our weight and on the basis of our body temperature. Just this is sensitivity to heat has spread the belief that all the memory foam “warm”.

This opinion is only partially true, because the first generation memory, with a standard cellular structure, could not allow sufficient air circulation inside. This problem was later solved by the most careful producers, with polyurethane foam.

Memory with open cellular structure Vs. memory with closed cellular structure:

Memory foam is foam, so it means that, looking at it under a microscope, you can see empty circular areas; these are like the air bubbles that allow the creation of the foam starting from the liquid polyurethane.

In the closed cellular memory foam, the air bubbles have a spherical shape and are isolated from each other. In this way the air struggles to circulate inside the polyurethane foam, making those who use memory mattresses of this type perceive the famous (and annoying) sensation of heat.

On the other hand, is a type of memory foam with an open cellular structure therefore, if observed under the microscope, it appears more like a very thick grid, than as a foam with single bubbles, more or less isolated. In this way the air can easily circulate inside, favoring the transpiration of the material.

Memory is not just breathable:

Memory is a brand of thermosensitive viscoelastic polyurethane foam with a highly breathable open cell structure. However its characteristics are not limited to the fact that the air circulates better inside.

Memory is also extremely resistant to wear, non-deformable over time and lighter than all the latex foams on the market at the moment.

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