To sleep while resting it is important to lie on a good mattress. At one time the mattresses were padded with wool but then, with the discovery of new materials, there was a leap forward that led us, among others, to latex.

But what is latex?

It is a natural substance that is derived from the rubber tree. Naturally, the substance obtained from the tree must be subjected to a manufacturing process which, by exploiting the compressed air, leads to its transformation into foam which solidifies, while remaining soft and ventilated. Complete all the vulcanization.

Anallergic, hygienic and breathable:

The structure of a latex mattress, in particular, we have said that it is spongy but it must be added that it has a series of cells that favor the passage of air. Germs and bacteria, in these conditions, find no fertile ground to develop. Consequently, a latex mattress is recommended for allergy sufferers. Another characteristic of latex is that it is breathable because it has natural ventilation channels and therefore in summer it is very comfortable.


The latex mattress is appreciated for its elasticity thanks to which, under the weight of the body it deforms and adapts, providing the necessary support. This has undoubted advantages for the quality of rest but also for posture and circulation.

The maintenance:

To avoid permanent deformation, turning the mattress is essential. Not only that even the side where the headrests go, periodically exchanged with the one where the feet are placed. These changes must be made periodically, once a week the coating must be removed to aerate the padding. Absolutely avoid soaking it with water, but if it should accidentally get wet, never expose it to the sun: it could be damaged.

The cleaning:

Water is not good but in more than moderate doses, it can be tolerated by latex. To clean the padding you can use a slightly damp cotton cloth, maybe add a few drops of lemon useful to eliminate unpleasant odors. After passing the cloth, make sure the latex dries well.

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