How to use a latex mattress?

To sleep while resting it is important to lie on a good mattress. At one time the mattresses were padded with wool but then, with the discovery of new materials, there was a leap forward that led us, among others, to latex.

But what is latex?

It is a natural substance that is derived from the rubber tree. Naturally, the substance obtained from the tree must be subjected to a manufacturing process which, by exploiting the compressed air, leads to its transformation into foam which solidifies, while remaining soft and ventilated. Complete all the vulcanization.

Anallergic, hygienic and breathable:

The structure of a latex mattress, in particular, we have said that it is spongy but it must be added that it has a series of cells that favor the passage of air. Germs and bacteria, in these conditions, find no fertile ground to develop. Consequently, a latex mattress is recommended for allergy sufferers. Another characteristic of latex is that it is breathable because it has natural ventilation channels and therefore in summer it is very comfortable.


The latex mattress is appreciated for its elasticity thanks to which, under the weight of the body it deforms and adapts, providing the necessary support. This has undoubted advantages for the quality of rest but also for posture and circulation.

The maintenance:

To avoid permanent deformation, turning the mattress is essential. Not only that even the side where the headrests go, periodically exchanged with the one where the feet are placed. These changes must be made periodically, once a week the coating must be removed to aerate the padding. Absolutely avoid soaking it with water, but if it should accidentally get wet, never expose it to the sun: it could be damaged.

The cleaning:

Water is not good but in more than moderate doses, it can be tolerated by latex. To clean the padding you can use a slightly damp cotton cloth, maybe add a few drops of lemon useful to eliminate unpleasant odors. After passing the cloth, make sure the latex dries well.

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How the poor air circulation can cause you sleeping disorder

The important quality of the mattress on which you are sleeping must be the good level of air circulation. Basically, the meaning of air circulation in the mattress here is this; the mattress should keep accepting fresh air from the atmosphere and let the bad air out when someone is sleeping on it. By this, the sleeper could feel more comfortable, sometimes cozy and sometimes cold. This keeps the balance of the air needed for the body temperature control of the sleeper.

Basic air circulation issues with the mattresses

Usually, people complain about the air circulation capabilities of the mattress. This leads them to face lots and lots of problems. Due to lack of air sometimes the blood cell circulation speed and quality also decrease in the body of the sleeper. This became a huge reason for them to have a sleep heart attack. Due to the lack of fresh air while sleeping you can also become the prey of plaque in blood vessels which can lead you towards serious mental problems. Or maybe sleep disorders make their home with you and you will have to face so many issues while sleeping which not good for a human being. Lack of air can also became the cause for the hypertension for you which can be a disaster for your life.

How to stay away from sleeping disorders?

To regulate the air circulation in your mattress is very much important. This will help you to keep refreshing and away from sleeping disorders. You have to change your mattress if its air circulation is very poor and let you buy a mattress with enough little wholes which can grab the fresh air in and split the bad air out. The best mattress for this is cotton mattresses and memory foam mattresses. These mattresses are proved as the best air circulation mattresses and keep the sleeper’s body temperature controlled.

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My Memory: make the embrace of memory foam your own:

Memory foam is a substance now widespread in mattresses on the market, so that about 2/3 of the mattresses currently in circulation are memory mattresses. However, this does not mean that all memory mattresses are made with the same type of memory foam; indeed there are different types of memory foam.

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The open cellular structure:

The memory foam (of which we have already spoken in a previous article) is a thermosensitive and viscoelastic polyurethane foam, that is a soft material, able to adapt its shape if stressed by pressure and heat, resuming it once the stress is finished.

For this reason, when we lie down on a memory mattress it will be modeled on the basis of our weight and on the basis of our body temperature. Just this is sensitivity to heat has spread the belief that all the memory foam “warm”.

This opinion is only partially true, because the first generation memory, with a standard cellular structure, could not allow sufficient air circulation inside. This problem was later solved by the most careful producers, with polyurethane foam.

Memory with open cellular structure Vs. memory with closed cellular structure:

Memory foam is foam, so it means that, looking at it under a microscope, you can see empty circular areas; these are like the air bubbles that allow the creation of the foam starting from the liquid polyurethane.

In the closed cellular memory foam, the air bubbles have a spherical shape and are isolated from each other. In this way the air struggles to circulate inside the polyurethane foam, making those who use memory mattresses of this type perceive the famous (and annoying) sensation of heat.

On the other hand, is a type of memory foam with an open cellular structure therefore, if observed under the microscope, it appears more like a very thick grid, than as a foam with single bubbles, more or less isolated. In this way the air can easily circulate inside, favoring the transpiration of the material.

Memory is not just breathable:

Memory is a brand of thermosensitive viscoelastic polyurethane foam with a highly breathable open cell structure. However its characteristics are not limited to the fact that the air circulates better inside.

Memory is also extremely resistant to wear, non-deformable over time and lighter than all the latex foams on the market at the moment.

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Mistakes you don’t do when you buy a mattress

Hub of people doing a lot of mistakes when they are buying a mattress and seriously the mistake is really costly for them. Really you don’t need to get the mattress without considering any information about it and if you want to get the mattress which is quality rich and offer you a lot of benefits then you can get that one. So you need to think before to get a mattress and despite doing all the efforts and make a random purchase of mattress you need to pay attention to these and we’ll get rid out from all the mistakes which actually the buyer do when he or she is getting a mattress.

Not take care of mattress

The foremost thing would help you to understand you need to take care of your mattress and if you want to consume long term benefits from mattress then you need to clean it regularly. While you are cleaning your mattress obviously you can remove all the mosquitoes and search other bugs from it which help you to get a long rest life of your mattress. So you can get a good mattress which helps you to enjoy long term benefits from it instead of mind the mattress after two or three periods.

Though you do not see from whom you get this

Before to buy the mattress you need to once check out from where you are getting it and when you once checked then you can get the mattress and even you can pay attention to save your money and time. So you need to once concert through professionals and even you can ask your doctor’s which kind of mattress you need to get because they suggest you the best mattress which you need to buy and really you can fix all the issues. For the latest mattress news, visit Sleep Junkie.

Get impulsive decision

People who are checking him impulsive decision to buy the mattress that never get the mattress which satisfied their needs and if you want to pick out the best one mattress soon then you can fix all the issues of Health and really you can wake up every day with Lot of happiness and no more stress you need to phase out.


Modernized mattress is lifetime health caring product

It is proper bedding products that can relax body with all comforts of sleep. Sleep means you are relaxing all parts of body and mind. The total comfortable style bedding can provide sleep that can help to re generate the energy in the body. Comfortable sleep means that you wake up fresh and have the capacity to work hard for many long hours. If you like to have comfortable sleep then it depends on the mattress that you are using on your bed. The mattress must have the features that can help you taking comfortable sleep. You can Learn about new technology at Sleep Junkie about the mattress. The mattress takes good care of health so that you can have the health that is healthy. The mattress must have lifetime prevention from health issues. If you can have perfect sleep then you will always have the energy to work hard in the day with lot of ease.

If you like to have lifetime care of your health and also the comfortable sleep then you must try the new modernized quality mattress that is the best product available in the market. The new designed mattress has lot of benefits that are suitable in our daily life. People are enjoying this new designed mattress on their bed. It is useful in many different ways. It is also popular all over the globe in the name of sweat free mattress. It can throw out all the heat that created sweat in the body. It will not let you feel overheat during the sleep. The mattress has keep advance technology materials that keeps on cooling the mattress.

You are getting something that is very beneficial throughout your life. Sleeping every day on such mattress means that you will not have any health related problems like other mattresses. It is the new sleep tracking technology mattress that has sleep setting temperature. It can maintain normal temperature for many long hours that are required for comfortable sleep. This new quality mattress has shown great revolution in the world of mattresses.  The mattress provides you free trial of 100 nights. You will save money if you will buy any of the design of this new mattress from the online market.

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